Metal Detectors

Detector de Metais - Portáteis

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Hand Held metal detectors are used in body search systems without requiring physical contact. Each one of our metal detector models has been carefully designed. They apply techniques and characteristics aimed at ensuring that our products are safe for the user, facilitating the work of the operator and enhancing the inspection being carried out. The result is accurate detections without false alarms.

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Detector de Metais - Industriais

Industrial Metal Detectors

Industrial metal detectors are ideal for inspecting products and protecting machinery. In the first case, metal detectors are used to detect contamination by metal particles in products such as: food, plastics, rubbers and fibers. In the second case, metal detectors protect mills, crushers, rock mills, presses, compactors or saws, and other machines from damages caused by the ingress of metals. These include the following segments: food industries, textiles, polymers, mining, shoe factories, recycling, and others. Get to know our Detronix line of industrial detectors.

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Detector de Metais - Portais

Walk-Through Metal Detector

Walk-Through metal detectors are used in a wide range of security applications. Suitable for body inspection, they detect metals in the body of the person passing through the portal. They can be used in clubs, nightclubs and in locations that demand high inspection control. It is worth mentioning that each case requires a specific model and several models are available from Detronix. Get to know the Detronix line of metal detector portals for court houses, airports, warehouses, depots, prisons, banks, etc.

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Detector de Metais - Portas de Segurança

Security Doors

Detronix security doors combine very low noise level with high immunity to external interference. It also features efficient articulation of the metal detector assy with the revolving door, preventing the mechanical system from interfering with the electronic system. It is highly capable of distinguishing objects of personal use, providing comfort and avoiding unnecessary constraints, since false detections are not commonplace. These products are recommended to establishments such as banks, lottery retailers, Courts of Justice, jewelry stores, factories/plants and others.

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Detector de Metais - Produtos Especiais

Specialty Products

Detronix also offers a line of specialty products that apply specific technologies in its configurations, allowing them to perform different functions. These are highly-sensitive detectors that intercept small metal objects such as: blades, jewelry, silverware, medicine packages, etc. They can be used, for example, in restaurants and hospitals for inspection of handbags and garbage bags. Random sorting systems are suitable for large-scale searches. They have functions that allow you to count the number of selected people, in addition to store data, dates and times at which the events have taken place.

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A Detronix é uma industria fabricante de detector de metais, localizada em Caxias do sul. Possuimos uma linha completa de detectores de metais incluindo portas detectoras de metais, detector de metais para industria, detector de metais portateis e uma gama de soluções para diversos segmentos.

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